Let’s start local

Starting with some of the roads locally I’ve found to be a good way to ease into a regular walking schedule. It’s been some time from I’ve walked and hiked on any regular basis and I’ve opted to start locally with some easy day walks of varying lengths. I want to explore the roads, paths, and trails of the countryside and starting off here with what’s around me just seems like the most natural and best place to begin this adventure. While the area might not be the most well known it has plenty to offer, and hopefully along the way we might find some hidden gems.

Starting off locally also offers me the opportunity to ease into things, one reason I probably like walking and hiking so much is it’s slower and more enjoyable pace for exploring, but it also ensures I know what’s on my doorstep. So much of what I see locally is seen as I’m driving or rushing about daily. Another important reason for starting locally is to give my legs a chance to build up some stamina again. While I have been running for the last few months and increasing the fitness I want to avoid picking up an injuries. Local walks allow me to gather a couple of last basic items for hikes further afield.

One particular route I like to take, specially on busy days is to walk the entire length of the local road where I live. This local road, L5741, although being a tarmac road offers up a mixture of hilly and flats stretches. The road runs to one side of Lough Lene and along the route you’ll find not only views out across the lake, but also views across the hills and fields as you climb and descend the hills. The other benefit to this local road is the quiet and peaceful nature of it being a side road used predominately by locals and farmers. Long parts of it are spent not coming across any vehicles or people so the time spent walking is spent enjoying being outdoors. The total overall walk length of 8.2km I find just stretches out the legs and is a nice easy distance to manage on those busy days.

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    1. Thank you Becki, they are pretty stunning and even on those wet soft mornings like this morning, it still looked great. I’m looking forward to taking you along and showing you a bit more of not the normal tourist things to see here.


  1. you live in a lovely area, perfect for a walk. I’m also trying to walk more to keep fit. I did try jogging a few years ago and managed to do the 5k but had a fall which did my knee in so for the time being I’m walking.

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    1. I think as much benefit can be gotten from a walk everyday Jane as from a run two or three times a week, less injury also.
      The area I live in is indeed beautiful, off the beaten track and not one of the normal touristy spots.


  2. Ah it does look lush and beautiful. I will enjoy coming along with you. Every Sunday I take my family along on my favourite route of the week. I am so focused on the little things that strike me and the seasons. I spent so long working in shops in shopping centres or city streets that I really appreciate nature and weather. Do you wear hiking boots or trainers?

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    1. Most of my family at the moment Nicola are quite happy not to come along which is ok, they will when they are ready to. It’s wonderful getting out on a regular basis and as you say you get to see the little things and the seasons changing. This happened only recently along the canal walk I sometimes take. Depending on the route I’m taking, I wear trainers if I’m walking on a lot of tarmac roads as they are lighter and the ground doesn’t need anything more. If I’m heading out to do some trails in the forests or where I know I’m going to go off road or even if I just don’t know what the terrain is like I tend to wear my hiking boots. I am thinking I might look into a pair of trail shoes which will offer a combination of both types that I wear now but will cover all of the terrains I’m likely to be on.


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